Big Words, Small Stories

Oleander's Quiet Riot

Oleander and Sally are getting musical in the kitchen when her dads tell them to be quiet because Massimo is having a nap after a restless night. Oleander agrees, but Sally has the music bug and is still making hullabaloo. They go outside for a quiet game of hide and seek, but the Queen arrives honking her horn loudly! Oleander tells her to stop, but Sally encourages it. Sally continues to find more noise, like the crash of bins and paint on the fence, and joins in. Oleander tries to tell everyone to stop and Sally declares it a hullabaloo free zone. But now they've made a parade, and Sally can't help but join in. Oleander sound proofs the house which keeps the noise out. Her dads tell her Massimo has finished his nap, and they all join in the hullabaloo!