Big Words, Small Stories

Corn Caper

When Cris accidentally knocks Crat's detective book into Grandpa Rex's veggie garden, they notice two rows of corn missing. They are perplexed and have a mystery to solve! They head up the stairs past Aunt Delilah who is carrying a large sack, and find Christine prepping corn in a bowl. Cris and Crat accuse her, but she says she bought it. They come across Christopher, who suggests a chipmunk might have taken it. Cris and Crat question the chipmunk, but they say corn upsets their tummy. So, Cris sets up a camera in front of the veggie garden to catch the thief. The next morning, they check the video and it's Aunt Delilah! She took it for her new play. Grandpa Rex is surprised, but Aunt Delilah says she told him in a postcard. Grandpa Rex's glasses were being mended and he couldn't read it!