Big Words, Small Stories

Cockatiel Choir

Davey and Abigail are enjoying peace when they hear a cacophony of cockatiels. They're the Colossus Cockatiel Choir and rehearse every day. Davey and his family hit pots and pans in front of the birds to make them go away, but they start bopping, thinking they're playing drums. Next, they get Judy to dress up as a cat and scare them, but that doesn't work. Abigail tries to make a deal with the birds, but it's no use, they'll rehearse rain, hail or shine. This gives Davey an idea. Everyone is dressed in winter gear, the floor is covered in 'snow' (flour), and Abigail throws paper snowflakes to the sky. This finally causes the birds to leave. Abigail says they might have to keep it winter all year round as the birds loved singing so much they promised to come back once the snow stopped!