Big Words, Small Stories

Just Squidding

An excited Sally has just ordered Alien Squid Monsters from the latest issue of her comic, which she thinks are real pets. But Oleander tells her it's just a bunch of malarkey. Sally refuses to believe her and makes toys, superhero costumes and special cookies, all advertised in the comic book for the pets. The parcel with Sally's squid monsters finally arrives, only for her to find out they're cardboard! Oleander tries to make a disappointed Sally feel better by putting the toys in the tank, but it doesn't help and Sally just goes upstairs to read. That's when Oleander comes in with Davey and Abigail, all dressed as superheroes and ready to play, which cheers Sally up! But now Davey sees an ad in the comic for Talking Plants from Venus and thinks they're real - but it's just malarkey!