Big Words, Small Stories

Funny Business

After a day at the beach, Cris and Crat get frozen yoghurt with Aunt Delilah. After a mishap with his, Cris ends up with sticky, pink hair. In his hurry to get home, Cris doesn't see a skateboard, trips on it and destroys his shoes in a big puddle of mud. Aunt Delilah gives him his flippers to wear which makes him look even more ridiculous. They stop for a 5-minute play at the park and an excitable Crat knocks Cris onto his bottom, ruining his shorts. Now Cris has to wear Aunt Delilah's beach pants and feels most ridiculous. When they arrive home Cris is feeling very down but Grandpa Rex says it's the best clown costume he's ever seen, and Bartholomew loves it! Cris decides to lean into the ridiculousness and does a silly dance.