Big Words, Small Stories


Cris and Crat attend the Mega Mime Festival. When they take their seats, a man with a top hat sits in front of Crat and he can't see! Crat starts to make a kerfuffle, and when the man leaves the show's already over. He and Cris watch a mime pretending to play golf, when the top hat man stands in front of Crat and he can't see. Crat goes to stand somewhere else, but knocks the mime and ruins his act. Cris tells Crat to stop making a kerfuffle and they line up to get a Mango on a stick. But the man with the top hat cuts in line in front of them! Crat tries to calm down until he sees the man with two mango sticks and learns there aren't any left! Crat has an outburst, stomping around wildly. This ends up getting him 1st place in the Mega Mime Festival, and he wasn't even miming!