Big Words, Small Stories

Stuck on You

Davey and Abigail are discussing being inseparable best friends, they love to do everything together. Then a package arrives and it's a special puzzle Davey ordered online but when he and Abigail play with it, they get their paws stuck in it. They try to get it off, but it's really stuck. They decide it's OK, they're inseparable anyway so it'll be fun. They go about their normal activities and laugh at how things are a bit harder being joined together. Then Davey remembers he has the big race that day and Abigail panics, she doesn't want anything to do with it. Davey insists she'll just have to just ride with him, he can't miss it. Before the race Abigail and Davey push instead of pulling on the finger trap and release themselves. Davey is able to race on his own and wins!