Big Words, Small Stories

Name Game

Poppy and Chaz are at the Park and see Al putting out a suggestion box for a new name for the park. Poppy is sure she will come up with the perfect name for the park, she just needs to find her inspiration! She scours the park for ideas, trying the play equipment, climbing trees, chatting to benches, even going down a squirrel hole, but none of her names work! Poppy cannot find her inspiration, so Chaz asks her what she loves about the park. Poppy says it's where she has her best times! Chaz grins, that's it and Poppy jumps up saying she's got her name 'Poppy Park!' Chaz grabs some paper and scribbles something down. At the ceremony they announce the winner is 'Best Times Park!' by Poppy. Poppy is confused and looks to Chaz who says, 'You said it, I just wrote it down!'