Big Words, Small Stories

Curious Crat

Cris is going to watch the Queen launch a rocket tonight, and Crat keeps asking questions about it. As they leave and along the way, Crat is super inquisitive and does things that stall them - pulling a thread that ruins Cris' jacket, jumping in a puddle that wets Cris and Grandpa Rex, and asking why the bus driver looks grumpy and getting kicked off. When they arrive at the rocket launch, Crat spots a door with a 'no entry' sign and of course enters. Cris and Grandpa Rex go inside to get him, where they find they have amazing seats! But they can't see the rocket - because they're on the rocket! Crat presses a button and the room shakes as the engine starts. The three run for their lives, down the stairs and out of the rocket second before it blasts off. The Queen is not impressed.