Big Words, Small Stories

Don't Touch

Davey brings his toy helicopter to the park to show Poppy and Chaz. He promised Nani Ji a game of chess, so they'll have to fly it after. He asks Poppy and Chaz to look after it but not to touch it. They agree, but it's so tantalising! They try to distract themselves by playing ball but can't stop looking at the helicopter. This time they cartwheel, but Poppy stares at the helicopter and crashes into Aunt Ria. She and Chaz play on the jungle gym, but she can't stop staring at the helicopter. Chaz says he'll put it in a bag so she can't see it, but notices a shiny green button and pushes it. The helicopter doesn't move and they think they broke it. But Davey says it didn't work because he didn't put any batteries in! He realises it's too tantalising and lets Poppy and Chaz play with it.